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The FCNL advocates for Quaker values in Washington D.C. See how to be involved at



Religious Education

Tempe Meeting holds religious education classes for both youth and adults.

Youth Religious Education

Tempe Meeting's First day School meets each First Day (Sunday) from 9:55 to 10:45.

We have many great lessons planned. We are focusing on the Quaker testimonies, and how we live our faith as Quakers today in a modern world. Hope to see you at First day school.

We have childcare for infants and toddlers, a preschool group as well as a group of elementary and middle school students. Depending on the attendance, groups are sometimes held together and other times separately. We have approved guidelines for childcare safety.

Teachers are meeting member volunteers, most of whom are parents, some of whom are teachers by calling.

Topics include current social issues, Bible History (New and Old Testament), Quaker History and a review of current Quaker Faith and Practice. Some years the middle school and high school students visit other churches in the area for a comparative view of worship practices and beliefs.

We welcome new attenders every First Day. In the summer months, due to school vacations, frequently the groups shift around. The time stays the same.

At 10:45 the school age children enter into the Worship Room and join their families. There they share in the settled, quiet Meeting so that they may begin to learn how unprogrammed Friends worship in silence. At the rise of Meeting, they participate in announcements and the saying of their names as all the members and attenders do.

Adult Religious Education

The Adult Religious Education Committee is doing a series of educational workshops, called Quakerism 101, which meet the First First Day (first Sunday) of each month, at 11:45 AM. Online materials are available. The 3rd session is January 4. For additional information, contact Ed Kearns at 480-831-3351


Every year the Adult Religious Education Committee selects a theme to study. Sessions are held once a month for five or six months following Meeting for Worship and last about one and a half hours. These sessions begin with a period of silence and then some general information is given about the topic. At this point there are breakout discussion and sharing groups with a mixture of new members and attenders and Friends with a longer experience with Quakerism. There is respectful questioning and sharing. Following this there is a large group sharing of what happened in the small breakout groups. The Meeting concludes in silence. 

Some of the topics in the past have been Quakerism 101, a thorough examination and exposure to Quaker beliefs and practices. Recently we studied the testimony of Simplicity in early Quakers and how it could apply to our contemporary lives.

Last year we have been studied the book Quakerism, A Theology for Our Time, by Patricia A. Williams. This book explores the stable core of the Light within: theology, worship, decisions and testimonies. It also contrasts with Scripture: the challenge of rational criticism and science: the encounter with empirical knowledge. An interesting book to be read, discussed and meditated upon.


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Quaker Action

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is one of the many organizations working in Haiti. See how you can help at afsc.org


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